Hagglunds 206A - Multi Terrain Vehicle

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Hagglunds 206A - Front Left.jpg
Hagglunds 206A - back right.jpg
Hagglunds 206A - back left.jpg
Hagglunds 206A - Front Cab view.jpg
Hagglunds 206A - Gauges.jpg
Hagglunds 206A - roof.jpg
Hagglunds 206A - Serial.jpg
Hagglunds 206A - Specs.jpg

*Comes with rubber tracks
*Flat Deck powered tracked trailer
*Gradeability 100% or 45 degrees, 17% or 30 degrees in deep snow.
*Integrated Roll Over Protection
*Side Slope 75% or 35 degrees
*Turning Radius: 8m
*Front Capacity: 1 Driver and 5 passengers
*All four track assemblies are identical and interchangeable. *Rubber tracks with longitudinal textile cord and integral steel profile reinforcements.
*Cardan shafts provide power to the final drives on the front end of both chassis.
*Body of primary unit is made of Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP), material that is fire resistant, with PVC foam insulation
*Front Car payload: 1279lbs
*Rear Deck car payload: 3682lbs


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