Please see below for answers to questions we have been asked about in the past from our customers. If you don't see what you are looking for please click our questions button here: 

How many hours will I be allowed to run the rental unit for? 

200 hours per month for month rentals, 50 hours per week for weekly rentals, or 10 hours per day for daily rentals. 

Over hours will be charged at 90% of the standard hourly rate. 



Rental Rate: $10,000 per month

Hours Allowed: 200

Standard Hourly Rate: ($10,000 / 200 hours) = $50 per hour

Over Hours Rate: ($10,000 / 200 hours) X 0.90 (90%) = $45 per hour

My Construction company has some of our own equipment that we are not using because we are in between projects, would you help us rent this equipment?

"Re-rents" can often be a great solution for both sides! If you have equipment that is currently sitting and you would like us to put it to work for you to generate some revenue, please contact us and we will list your equipment in our "Rentals" section. Pacesetter completes all of the rental paperwork and ensures the proper insurance is put on your equipment and treats your piece of equipment like our own. Contact us to discuss the "RE-RENT" opportunity further.

What attachments come with an excavator rental? 

Typically one (1) Dig Bucket and (1) Clean-Up Bucket – sizes may vary so please ask if you have a specific size requirement. 

I may require a compactor, ripper, hammer or other specialized attachment to go with my excavator, does Pacesetter have these items?

We have a variety of attachments for all of our equipment, so please inquire as to what we have available to meet your needs. We prefer to prepare the machine in advance so it operates as efficiently as possible if you are running a compactor (hoe pac) or a hammer. 

For now I only want to rent the machine, but I may look at buying a machine in the future, does Pacesetter offer any options for me?

We offer very flexible and creative purchase options, however these options must be discussed prior to the rates and rental agreement being signed and the machine taken out. Please don't hesitate to ask if you may have intentions of buying a unit before your rental begins. 

I require a larger machine to rent for a project, however my company does not have the capability to haul this machine to our site, what can we do as we need it there tomorrow?

Pacesetter offers delivery options for all of our rentals. Please ask us for a rate to deliver to your site.

I am looking for a specific piece of equipment that I can't find anywhere, any ideas?

We have many good contacts throughout North America, so if you don't see what you are looking for on our website, please inquire as there is a good chance we can help you locate it for a rental or a sale. 

Our company has some surplus equipment that we would like to sell, but we aren't really set-up to advertise and market the equipment. Does Pacesetter sell equipment for customers?

Pacesetter has a large network of buyers and sellers and specializes in connecting these opportunities. We do consignment sales and list them on our website and in our printed ads. If you have some equipment that you would like to sell, please contact us immediately. 

If you don't see what you are looking for please click our questions button here:

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